David M. Hallman, M.S., P.E.

Forensic Mechanical Engineer / Forensic Metallurgical Engineer

Automotive Engineering / Mechanical Engineering Consultant

David Hallman is a Forensic Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineer (forensic engineering consultant) with over twenty five years combined experience in materials analysis and research, mechanical engineering, automotive mechanics and forensic failure analysis. He has significant, hands-on automotive repair experience coupled with degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Saint Thomas (BS) and materials science and engineering from the University of Minnesota (MS). David spent ten years working as a professional automotive mechanic prior to earning his two degrees. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma, a National Association of Fire Investigators Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator and an ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician.

David's significant automotive background coupled with his two degrees makes him ideally suited for all aspects of crash investigation. He performs crash reconstruction and also has been called upon to investigate potential mechanical causes for vehicle crashes. David has an excellent understanding of vehicle mechanical systems including automotive, light truck, medium truck and heavy truck systems. He has also been trained in vehicle crash data (CDR) collection and interpretation. Some of the cases David has investigated include a vehicle tie rod failure that triggered a cross over crash, several unintended vehicle acceleration cases and cases involving alleged heavy truck brake failure. David has also been involved in multiple cases involving tire failure analysis. Since 2011, David has been involved with several different crash teams around the country and has been deeply involved in planning and executing crash tests.

A skilled forensic engineering consultant, David works with Lawyers, Paralegals, Insurance Investigators, Claims Adjusters and other Subject Matter Experts on a wide variety of forensic mechanical, forensic materials and forensic metallurgical investigations. These investigations have included but are not limited to an elevator failure involving materials and design issues, a personal injury involving a paper shredder, multiple cases involving farm equipment and personal injuries, machine guarding cases, chair collapse cases, bolted joint failures, patient lifter failures, vehicle hand control issues, trip and fall cases, tipped telehandler and boom crane cases.

David has testified in court and in deposition on multiple occasions. All forensic engineering investigations are performed using the Scientific Method as the basis for the inquiry. The opinions presented in each matter are based on the facts of the case.

David is a member of SAE International, the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI), the Accident Reconstruction Network (ARC), the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers (MnSPE), the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), Midwest Association of Technical Accident Investigators (MATAI), Southwest Association of Technical Accident Investigators (SATAI) and the National Association of Professional Accident Reconstructionists (NAPARS).

How we can help

David works with clients in these areas:

  • Crash Investigation / Reconstruction
    • Automotive
    • Motorcycle
    • Light truck
    • Medium Truck
    • Heavy Truck
    • Bicycle
  • CDR (crash data retrieval, "black box", EDR) collection and analysis
    • We have the equipment for passenger vehicle data downloads
    • We have the proprietary Toyota Tech Stream equipment
    • We have access to the dedicated equipment for Kia and Hyundai crash data downloads
  • We can arrange for heavy truck data downloads
  • Vehicle mechanical investigations
  • Vehicle fire origin and cause investigations
  • Root cause analysis of mechanical incidents and failures
  • Water loss investigations (including sprinkler systems)
  • Farm equipment incident investigations
  • Grain elevator incident investigations
  • Construction equipment incident investigations
  • Other mechanical / materials incident investigations
  • Forensic Mechanical Engineering Consulting
  • Forensic Materials Engineering Consulting
  • Forensic Metallurgical Consulting

If the type of investigation you require is not listed, please contact us anyway.

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