Product Investigations

Hallman Engineering L.L.C. located in Minnesota (MN) has experience with Product Liability Investigations.

Hallman Engineering LLC, located in Minnesota, provides forensic inspection, examination, analysis and testing of products involved in both property loss incidents and / or injuries. David has worked with attorneys and insurance companies requiring a forensic engineering expert to determine whether machinery and products involved in injury cases were adequately designed or whether they have a Design, Manufacturing, or Material Defect.

David has worked on many product cases involving many different types of equipment including, but not limited to:

  • Table Saws

  • Compound miter saws

  • Manure pumps

  • Farm equipment, both powered and towed

  • Boat lifts

  • Valve failures

  • HVAC equipment

  • Boat equipment

  • Exercise (resistance and weight) equipment

  • Chair failures / collapses

  • Shelving collapse

  • Elevator failure

  • Trailer tongue jack failure

  • Semi trailer tarp mechanical failure

  • Dump truck actuator failure

  • Tele-handler incidents

  • Machine guarding cases.

  • Commercial lawn mower incidents

  • Assembly line equipment injuries

  • Grain conveyor incident

  • Water ski tow rope incident

  • Trampoline injury

  • Two wheeled dolly incident

  • Compound bow injury

  • Pistol sight injury

  • Fire sprinkler failures